You know the deal. You and your friends are going to be locked in North America’s most realistic escape room for 45-60 minutes, and it’s going to take all of your courage and cunning to escape!

Let’s Play

It is a scientific fact that playing games brings people closer together. It’s something we instinctively know as kids, but forget when we rocket towards adulthood. We all remember the magic of play from our childhoods, the time spent with family or making life-long friends was often structured around games of one type or another. As all our lives become busy and more stressful we often don’t the time for these pursuits anymore, but this is precisely when we need them most.

People who incorporate some form of interactive gaming into their lives make better friend, partners and parents. It is also an incredible amount of FUN, so grab some friends old or new and recapture the enchanting power of “Play”



Play Time

60 Min

Dracula's Library (2-7 People)

New Orleans 1862…. You and your team of investigative journalists have been following the trail of the world’s oldest vampire for quite some time. Your interest, however, has not gone unnoticed. You have been lured to a mansion on the banks of this mystical city by a promising lead in your quest to expose Dracula to the world. Once inside you and your team realize that the tables have been turned and, you now find yourselves unwitting participants in a most deadly game. Racing not just against time, but against the darkness itself.

Charlotte (2-7 People)

The bizarre murders of Charlotte and her little sister at the hands of their seemingly deranged father shocked this close-knit community and still resonates to this day. Now, 20 years later you and your team have returned to the scene of the grisly crime. There has always been something about this crime that just didn’t add up. Why did Gerald Grundy murder his daughters and then kill himself ? What did he do with the bodies? So many questions. Will you find out what really happened in this sinister old house or will you possibly share the Grundy’s fate?

Cabinet of Curiosities (4-12 People)

Xander and William McCreedy are the eccentric twin heirs to the largest shipping empire in all of Great Britain and are the toast of London high society. Their world renowned “Cabinet of Curiosities” contains a diverse and bizarre collection of artifacts and treasures from around the globe. You and your team of professional thieves have been hired by an anonymous source to steal one of the unique relics from the McCreedy’s cabinet. Who hired you ? What are you supposed to steal? You have many unanswered questions but this is too good an opportunity to pass up. The Cabinet however houses a deep,dark secret and and before the night is over,You will learn that noone can be trusted, even those closest to you. This is the ultimate in team building dynamics as each member will have to make a choice that will help determine the success or failure of the entire team.

The Surgeon (2-6 People)

The drugs are slowly beginning to wear off. You are groggy and disoriented but your senses are starting to return. You begin to take in your surroundings, the surgical cleanliness and white color of the entire room, the single heavy bolted door , the equipment and tools of a quite bizarre landlord. The fear begins to take hold as you realize where you are and why you are here, you watch the news and read the papers. You try to fight it off, you don’t have time for fear. Time is the one thing that you don’t have. You must quickly wake your friends if you are to have a chance. The Surgeon has chosen you to play his gruesome game and the clock is ticking.

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